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Submitted on Sep 12, 2019 by  MasoniaTraylor


As I watched all of my work brothers and sisters meet at USCA 2019, I couldn't help but be in awe of the comradery. It was beautiful. For the first time I saw soooo many women of color and youth together. USCA this year made me realize that filling out the survey at the end of the conference just like at Positive Women's Network conference makes your voice heard more than you know. I felt like my voice was heard and many others. I advocated for more opportunities for straight men to be there and scholarships were given priority to them. I advocated for youth to have more involvement and intention with the epidemic and they were there.

From my involvement with Viiv, NMAC, and other organizations, I see the progress. It seems slow until it's done. What I saw this past week was so fulfilling like a job well done. Seven years ago I was only raising my voice for an ask that I aged out of. Now the opportunities exist. THIS IS WHAT ADVOCACY is. It is for an appointed time and not always in the NOW yet ever present. 

I had my moments where I wished I could've been there. There's always next year and the forward years to come. In the meantime, I'll relish in the joy that more leaders came together with a collaborative purpose in ways I'm proud of. Can't wait to see how leadership transpires upon us next. I'm sure I saw EVERFORWARD somewhere.

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