My First Video Blog--Reaching Out

Before I decided to post this video I was thrilled, yet hesitant.  I am thrilled that I can be a part of A Girl Like Me and try to make a difference to someone somewhere.  But then the thoughts of not getting the message across that it is so important to be safe, positive or negative, and that living with HIV/AIDS doesn't mean automatic death anymore, scared me.  I want people to see that me, an everyday person you see, can be infected with HIV.  You should never trust just anyone with your life and your health.

This video was shot by Maria Mejia at the International AIDS Conference 2012 this past week, (July 20-28), in Washington D.C.  My emotions were running like a roller coaster everyday I was there.  So many people fighting for treatment and rights and trying to educate people.  It was truly amazing to me.  I live in an area where it is not really talked about and NONE of my friends that surround me are HIV+ so this was so comforting to me to have others, not just people in general, but women!!  Women that have been infected many years longer than I have!!!  How encouraging it was to hear their stories and feel the pain that is still there from being infected after all these years.  I sometimes think to myself, "Oh Angela, get over it! It's been 22 years of dealing with this virus and yes, in the past 2 years having trouble, but grow up, put your big girl panties on and suck it up".  I found that I wasn't alone in my struggles after all this time and never really sucking it up completely.

I want to reach out and help someone, somewhere with my story, my experiences with this virus.  I want to hopefully help someone to stop and think about what they are doing before they just do it and put themselves or others at risk of being infected.  So when I say, "When you think of HIV, think of me" it's not because Angela is a walking virus, it's because Angela is a wife, mother, everyday, fun loving person that has an HIV story to tell and I want my story to stick in someone's mind.  I may never know if my verbal story, my blogs or now my video blog, will ever help at least that one person, somewhere, but if I don't try, I know it won't help.

I hope anyone that sees this, sees that I am speaking from my heart, no matter how goofy or silly I may look or sound.  I am searching out to help ALL who will listen.  If anyone has any questions or wants to contact me, feel free to e-mail me at the I talked about in the video, or you can e-mail me at my new address or go to my new Facebook page "dHIVa Positive".  Much love to you all!!!!! Ang





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Angela!! How awesome for you to do this!! I felt the same way about meeting all of you at the IAC! There must be so many women in my area (So. California) that are struggling with HIV but I don't know any of them (I've been so closeted since my diagnosis 7 years ago)... so meeting all of you was amazing to me - I was in awe of all of the women who are living with HIV that I met and it was like a breath of fresh air to be able to speak freely without fear of being put down or of being made to feel somehow less! Kudos to you for putting yourself out there with this blog!! Maybe someday I will be brave enough also! Hugz!!


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Thank you so much Robin!!! I am so blessed to have met you and get to enjoy you after the conference. I look forward to one day seeing your video blog if that's what you choose. I will be cheering you on just as you have done for me. You are a doll baby!!!! Much love to you Honey!!! Buzz me if you ever need ANYTHING!!! :)


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Stop appologizing ;) you are a leader among women. Thank you for being able to be that public figure. Some of us cannot. Brava!!!


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I'm sorry Mrs. Jae LOLOLOL!!! I love you so much and am thankful that you are backing me. You rock!!! Much love to you Mrs. Jae.


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You maybe my "token" friend but not by you having HIV but because you STAND up and you tell people how you are safe and how to be safe. You are a very powerful person and an angel in my eyes!! I'm sure everyone else's as well!! Thank you for sharing this with all of us!! You are a very strong woman, you have your hard bad days but try to put on that amazing smile on because you are you!! I talked to you today and you had a bad night last night but came out of the end with a positive note!! I love that about you!! Thank you again for sharing this video blog site I will pass this along as well!! Xoxo


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Thank you for commenting. I appreciate all the love. I hate to be in pain in front of others but at the same time I think by sharing a little about how I'm feeling, it makes me real. Makes this virus real to others. Thank you for planning to share this. I hate it that we all come together because we are infected or affected by this virus but I am so grateful that inspite of the bad we come together for the good. Much love to you Babe!!!


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Good for you. I know someone who had two children after diagnosis. Both are healthy. Thanks and good luck!


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That's awesome Coffycakes!!!


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Thanks for such encouraging words.I live in South Africa and have been struggling by myself but reading such inspirational messages has made me strong.Was doubting having a kid but now am more determined after watchinhg your video.Have started planning with my doctor


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im impressed by your courage.i,ll be posting my first blog soon since u really enncouraged me.i live in kenya.and also look forward to sharing my each day experience with the whole world.thanks again 4 your good example


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I Like this blog on Hiv and found very useful for reference.


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I just read this and watched the video. I really admire your activism and courage.


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