Ieshia Scott

Community Advisory Board

Ieshia is a social and public advocate based in Orlando, FL. She also works as a public and motivational speaker, a health educator and a mentor and blogs for A Girl Like Me.

Ieshia became interested in HIV advocacy not through her own HIV diagnosis, but because of the individuals she’s met over the course of her life. Ieshia became inspired to work on behalf of people who are living with HIV, but afraid to share their status with romantic partners out of fear caused from stigma. For the last year, since moving to Orlando, she has partnered with local HIV organizations to help bring awareness to HIV/AIDS in the community. She has participated in infomercials, attended, volunteered and spoken at many events. She also has a popular Facebook advocacy page that she uses to spread awareness throughout the world, by posting viral videos, question and answer games, and educational information.

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