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So far I am a one year survivor of HIV. A twenty five year old single mother of four that is very outspoken and driven. I contracted the virus by my children’s father, who didn't know his status until I found out mine. We were in a four year monogamous relationship, so I thought! Having a routine check-up with my fourth child is when I discovered I had two sexually transmitted diseases. Finding out about the STDs caused me to request an HIV test.

November 28, 2016: the birth date of the new Wanona. I wasn't quite ready to accept my new lifestyle but shortly realized my diagnosis does not define me or the love in my heart. I had no choice but to fight, not only for myself, but most importantly my children, especially the life I was creating in my womb. I'm my children’s role model and they mean more to me than life itself.

Pregnant for the third time in three years with a child I didn't want at first, and finding out my status once an abortion was no longer an option, I was beyond devastated and frightened. I felt I no longer would have a normal life at the age of only twenty four at the time. To feel like you are now limited in life, smh, I can't get people to fully understand. Only if someone endured the things I have or similar, will you truly understand my pain.

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Wanona you are welcome and how are you and the baby? I will say this to you don't worry too much you and your child will be fine. I have been living with HIV for almost twenty year now and I have two children after knowing my HIV status they are both HIV negative. You too can give birth to an HIV negative baby. You know what get us positives mothers worried? It's the psychological aspect of been a mother with the virus and thinking all the time if we did every right at every slightest moment when the baby is sick or down with fever. It happens to me and it still does even after all my wealth of  experince and skills on HIV.

So dearest Wanona you are not alone.




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